The Challenge of Jesus

Encountering the Founder of Christianity

The Unexpectednesss of Jesus (Luke 7:36-50)
Jesus’ personality surprises us, and challenges conventional values.

The Spirituality of Jesus (Mark 1:29-39)
What was the inner secret of Jesus’ remarkable public life and impact on human history? This address looks at the hidden factors that shaped Jesus’ character and destiny.

The Compassion of Jesus (Matthew 9:9-13, 35-38)
Jesus was a remarkably compassionate and approachable person. This address discusses his concern for the physical, spiritual and social needs of people.

The Healings of Jesus (Mark 1:35-2:12)
Health is something we tend to value only when we have lost it. This message looks at the implications of Jesus’ healing ministry.

The Strategy of Jesus (Matthew 4:12-25)
The global spread of the movement he founded, now comprising one third of the world’s population, shows that Jesus ranks among history’s greatest strategic leaders.

The Politics of Jesus (Luke 6:27-36)
Jesus is often thought of as being irrelevant to politics. In fact, he presents us with a surprisingly radical political option.

The Death of Jesus (Isaiah 53)
Thousands of criminals and slaves were executed by crucifixion in the ancient world. Why, of all these hapless victims of injustice, is only one still remembered? It looks at the significance of Jesus’ death.

The Resurrection of Jesus (1 Corinthians 15:1-20)
The resurrection of Jesus is the linchpin of Christianity. If true, it challenges the secularist worldview and can radically transform your life. This is an examination of the evidence for Jesus’ resurrection.