Christian Apologetics

Removing Stumbling Blocks to Belief

Reasons to Believe:
The Place of Reason in Christian Faith

Contrary to widespread prejudice, there are many reasonable grounds for believing in God. This address argues that belief in God is supported, not undermined, by the proper use of reason and by the very structure of reasoning itself.

Someone Out There?
Evidence for the Existence of a Personal God

Twentieth century scientific research has gathered an overwhelming body of evidence, from the origin and fine-tunedness of the universe, for the existence of an intelligent and caring God.

Scent of a Distant Flower:
The Gospel and our Search for God

Dissatisfaction is a feature of our human condition. This message relates this sense of unfulfilment to our basic need for God.

The Search for Truth:
The Relevance of the Incarnation
A central Christian belief is that the Son of God became a human being like us. This sermon illustrates from three distinguished writers, how this belief gives meaning to life and hope amid suffering

Where Is God When it Hurts?
Human Suffering and the Death of Jesus

Suffering is not just an intellectual difficulty for faith in God. It is a tragic, cruel and intensely personal reality in human experience. This message discusses the problem of suffering in the light of Jesus’ crucifixion and what it shows of God’s solidarity with all who suffer.

The Phoenix and the Butterfly:
Human Longings for the Resurrection
The desire for immortality is a universal human longing. This message relates these longings to the central Christian belief in the resurrection of the dead. Analogies in nature help us understand the glorious transformation that awaits us in the resurrection