Final St Alban’s Update for 2015

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Welcome to St Albans, where we seek to support one another in our living for Jesus and engaging in his mission in our world. 

Thank you to those who replied to our survey about church services.  The key results are as follows:

For a weekly Sunday Service at 8.30am:  30 people would attend Regularly and 43 would attend Sometimes.

For a weekly Sunday Night Church service, the most popular time was 7pm with 17 willing to attend Regularly and 39 Sometimes.  We were also mindful of the 35 who attended the first trial Night Church in November, with a second trial this Sunday night.

Night Church in the Hall is easier to organise as the musicians and speaker have plenty of time to set up and practice before the service.  Next year we hope to trial Night Church each Sunday of Term 1 and then review it.

The 8.30am service is more challenging as there are issues of musicians’ practice times and sound checks, especially in the short time between the two morning services.  Even if we have separate musicians/keyboard players for the 8.30am service, the challenges of practice and sound check times for the 10am musicians still remain.  It also means the 10am musicians have to practice on Saturday every week.

There are two options that would eliminate these challenges.

  1. The service times could be changed slightly, to say 8.15am and 10.15am, thus allowing more time to practice in between the services.
  2. The current service times could remain but the 8.30am service could be held in the hall each week, allowing the musicians to practice in the auditorium.  Occasional 8.30am services could be held without musicians and those services could perhaps include communion which requires a little more time.

The elders have heard the interest in a weekly 8.30am service and will continue to seek a way to enable this.  I am meeting with the worship team leaders before Christmas to discuss this matter further.

Another New Initiative for the coming year will be the establishment of a Ministry/Mission Leaders’ Team (MLT).  This arose out of our Month of Prayer and the subsequent discussions.  The MLT will comprise of: the Minister, Youth Pastor, Children’s Pastor, Newcomers’ Team Leader, Discipleship Team Leader (Small Groups Coordinator) plus a leader from the Worship Ministry, Men’s Ministry, Women’s Ministry, Evergreens and Local Missions.

This team may meet twice a term to:

  • discuss the strategies for their ministry to express the three primary church goals
  • discuss progress on implementing their strategies and the resulting outcomes
  • provide mutual support and encouragement to one another in their leadership
  • reflect on their leadership and receive some training
  • continue to seek God for our church’s direction.

We will report further on this MLT next year.

Remember to make room for Jesus as you make preparations to celebrate his coming.