Sausage Sunday

Sunday, October 27, 2013

A warm welcome to St Albans, especially to the family and friends of Tahlia Taylor.

Last Sunday our Youth Pastor Jeff announced he is finishing at St Albans on December 31st.  Jeff has accepted a three-year scholarship to study theology at St John’s Theological College in Auckland.  Bishop Justin Duckworth supported his application and Jeff will be bonded to the Wellington Anglican Diocese for 3 or 4 years after his degree. 

Jeff & Alicia are excited about this wonderful opportunity but sad to be leaving our young people and St Albans, where they have felt well supported over the past 3.5 years.  Jeff has been doing youth ministry since high school and believes it’s time for a sabbatical and further study.  The young people are very sad they are leaving and we appreciate the good work he has done with our youth.  We wish them God’s blessing in this new adventure.  The process of finding a new youth pastor will take a while and we ask you to pray for the elders as they discern the leadership that God wants for our future.

Sausage Sunday  

(written by Russell Seagar)

Our loving Father has blessed us with a wonderful world to live in.  God is good!  And doesn’t it feel great to know Him!  One of my desires is to share our wonderful God with others, that they too may know the loving God.  But how...

FRIENDSHIP - Lately I’ve been thinking about what our “community” is like - high fences, automatic garage doors and shopping online, make people less communicative and more separate.  No contact with neighbours aids loneliness in a busy world where we see faces but don’t know the hearts; we smile and wave “good morning” but only scratch the surface of life.  So let’s look around and see who we can get to know.  Let’s defy the barriers and make friends in our community.

FOOD - It’s universal and crosses every boundary.... everyone eats!

FREE - To our neighbours, the cost is nothing - for the sausage and some salad too. The cost to us is time and commitment, time to talk and eat with our neighbours, and the commitment to doing it regularly, maybe once a month.

Concept - Our regular shared church lunch could include an invite to our wider community.  They can have a free sausage (300 available) and leave; or they can stay for more - the choice is theirs.  We will talk with them and hopefully break down walls; God will shine.

Conclusion - My wife Michelle tells me to keep running the race, not to give up when I hit a speed bump or two. Both the BUZZ and the Mardi Gras started slowly but look at them now - relationship building outreaches.  We see how our church family have come on board to grow these awesome community ministries.  I believe our St Albans family is set here like a diamond in the rough - that slowly, as we are polished by God, we will shine more brightly outward into our local community.  Friendships grown, seeds sown...... “nuf said”.

God Bless,     


(Children’s Pastor)