The Evergreens

The Evergreens. The Evergreens meet on the FIRST MONDAY OF EACH MONTH, at St Albans Church at 2pm (unless otherwise notified by email or via the church weekly newsletter).

The Evergreens group was formed by past members of St Albans, Anthea and Graeme Russell, approximately 9 years ago, for the purpose of having fellowship and fun meetings within the 60 and over age group, with a focus to keep this age group active and in fellowship with fellow members of St Albans. The meetings were generally game or quiz meetings ending with an afternoon tea and held in the Upper Room of the St Albans Church.  Betty Crawford ably led the group from 2005 to 2007.  Alan and Pat Bailey have been running Evergreens since 2007.

Both Alan and Pat now jointly organize The Evergreens monthly activities and have sought thoughts of members, by way of a questionnaire to which activities now include:

  • Guest speakers from various organisations
  • Quiz or games events
  • Trips out to parks, gardens, museums, historical sites and local interest locations,
  • Visits to neighbouring churches
  • An annual Christmas dinner 

Alan and Pat feel very committed to the older members of, not only St Albans but any people from any walks of life, to join together in love and fellowship. There are many people that have served, either their church or community and or lost their life partners and really need friendship, visits, and a sense of belonging, to be part of a group that care for each other.

In 2009 there was approximately 12-14 members. We now have 75 members which includes a number of members that are still working and can only attend social evenings.

We generally have 40-50 attendees each month and there are many members that contribute to the ideas for meetings, afternoon teas and the general activities of setting up and cleaning up the hall.  

We are so Blessed by them all.

Keep an eye on upcoming events and outings by clicking on the St Albans Events Calendar.