St Alban's Church Groups

St Albans Church is a diverse community of people of different ages, stages and ethnicities.  We like to worship and fellowship together but also recognise the need to and value of relating in smaller groups.  We have age groups for Christian formation - Sonbeams, STAKS (children), Intermediates, teenagers, young adults and adults.  We have men's and womens groups and an Alumni group to keep former members in touch all over the world.  We have an International Group of those who have moved to NZ from oversea countries for study, work, marriage or family reasons.  We also have a group for senior members called Evergreens.

We also have ministry and mission groups for pastoral care, prayer ministry, music in worship, emergency meals, preschoolers' music, finance and site management, website, conversational english and to care for our nine overeas' mission partners.

This tab tells you about some of these groups.  For more information, please contact the Church Office (see below).