International Group

The International Group is a significant part of the St Alban's Community.  Members come from every continent, (except Antarctica!).

St Albans International Group

Over the years the focus has changed from primarily supporting the many international students who pass through our congregation while studying here in Palmerston North to supporting others too, including the increasing number of international families we now have living and working among us. 

As a whole group we meet at least 3 times a year, typically over a potluck meal (naturally bringing together a variety of  cuisines).  At other times members are encouraged to join the increasing variety of groups, (prayer, crafts, etc) some facilitated by international members.  In that way we aim to ensure that any member of the St Alban's community has access to a group in which they will feel especially comfortable.  

We recognise that for some, where English is their second, third, fourth.... language, being part of a group where everybody is in the same boat provides the supportive environment they really need.

That said, we really appreciate it when our Kiwi, and English as a first language brothers and sisters join us too. 

Our mailing list is available here, where you could subscribe only if you would like to be a member of this group.

 We are all brothers and sisters in Christ.