LIFE Groups


Introducing LIFE Groups

In a large youth group it’s easy for young people to be overlooked and lack a sense of belonging. LIFE groups seek to overcome this tendency by giving teens a place to belong, contribute, and be cared for. Groups are divided according to age and gender, allowing young people to meet regularly with those who are at a similar stage of growth to them and are facing similar issues.

LIFE groups for part of our regular Friday night Element Youth programme, meeting up to six times a term. On other nights we'll be running BIG events. LIFE groupos can also meet outside of Friday nights for social events which young people will help plan - events to invite your friends to.


The Function of LIFE Groups

LIFE groups have four primary functions:

  1. L = Learning: LIFE group meetings help young people to learn alongside those their own age through group discussion and teaching
  2. I = Involvement: No LIFE group exists for itself alone. It looks for ways to be involved with and contribute outside the group to people within the wider church and community.
  3. F = Fellowship: LIFE groups improve the quality and depth of group life by having young people growing closer together through fun activities and depth of sharing.
  4. E = Evangelism: Each LIFE group looks for ways to grow, with group members inviting friends to small group meetings and social events.


Leadership of LIFE Groups

Each group has two young adult "pastors" who lead the discussion times, keep in touch with group members, offering care and support. Each group also has an adult mentor assigned to it who is there to mentor the leaders and to step in when tricky questions or situations arise. Each group will also have one or two "praying grandparents" who will not normally attend the group but will be praying for the young people in it. With this structure we are connecting young people with three generations of people in the church who are caring for them.