Weekly Church Newsletter

The Senior Pastor and the Church Office publish a weekly neswletter.  The Newsletter also contains the weekly editorial entitled The Pastor's Piece. The paper version is distributed to the congregation on Sundays.  The electronic version is distributed to church members as well as the alumni of  the St Albans Church around the world through the Church's Alumni mailing list.

Sermon and Teaching Publications

This website is St Albans' online publication. Some of the materials included are: the sermon series, the weekly sunday sermons collections of audio and presentation slides. In future, the Church may publish the sermons on either DVD or CD. 

Hymns and Gospel Music

The Church Community may also undertake projects in which CDs and DVDs of songs and  Gospel Music may be published.

Book Publications

This website may also list Chrsitian book publications by members of the St Albans Community and other Christian authors from New Zealand and abroad.

For a list of some of the publications described above, navigate to the relevant sections through the menu on the left of this page.