Sexuality and Leadership

The St Albans Church Council at a meeting on July 25, 1995, affirmed its viewpoint on sexuality, upholding the historical belief of the Church. The Council adopted the PCANZ General Assembly's 1991 statement as our own standard in this respect.

  1. God's intention for sexual relationships, as affirmed by Jesus Christ, is a loving, mutual, and faithful marriage between a man and a woman, and that intimate sexual expressions outside of that context fall short of God's standard.
  2. This Church offers a compassionate ministry to those who in their sexual behaviour have fallen short of God's standard and offers them the Gospel of grace, of forgiveness and restoration.
  3. Those people who continue in sexual acts in any context outside of a monogamous heterosexual marriage are not appropriate persons to be in the leadership and employ of this Church.

This statement was reaffirmed at a Council meeting on July 22, 1997.