What is Christianity?

Christianity is a way of life centred upon Jesus Christ, the first century Jewish leader from Nazareth whom Christians acknowledge to be the Saviour of the world. Jesus' remarkable life, teaching, miracles, death and resurrection from the dead indicate that he was more than a great prophet or religious leader, but was God's own unique revelation to humankind, the light of the nations and Messiah of Israel. For more details see the Challenge of Jesus series.

Jesus invites people to give up their trivial ambitions and commit themselves to be his followers, devoting their lives to the service of his great project of changing individuals, societies, nations, and indeed the whole world, one life at a time. At the beginning of the third millennium, the global movement he founded, made up of people who give him personal allegiance as Saviour and Lord, now numbers over 2 billion people, one third of the world's population. See the Strategy of Jesus sermon for more details.